You Can Help Those In Need

Our various projects offer fun and unique ways for individuals and groups of all kinds to become a volunteer and contribute their time, talents and resources. 

Thank you for your desire to aid us in our mission to empower people, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or faith, to achieve self-sufficiency by offering financial, material, educational, and spiritual support and by collaborating with others to develop and deliver programs and services that help those in need.


Volunteers Support SVDP In Many Ways

Located in Gallatin at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Saint Vincent de Paul offers many volunteer opportunities. Volunteer projects range from a few hours to on-going projects. Our volunteers perform a variety of tasks which directly or indirectly connect them with people who come to us in need. While participating  in special events and on-going projects, individuals and groups of volunteers often      experience fun, educational, and rewarding opportunities to contribute their time, talents and resources.

The Importance Of Volunteering

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul relies on volunteers to meet the needs of our community. The life blood of our organization, volunteers enable us to provide our wide range of services and programs, maintain administrative costs below 10%, and reach more than 800 people each year.